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Jira scrum crash course free.

Jira Scrum Crash Course (PDF)

Efficiently master the functionalities of Jira Scrum with our focused Crash Course, designed to rapidly equip you with the skills to implement and manage Scrum projects in Jira successfully.

Jira Dashboards Like a Boss

Quickly master Jira Dashboards with our comprehensive guide, tailored for Scrum Masters, PMOs, and Managers. Learn to create, customize, and effectively use Jira Dashboards to enhance your team's performance.

Jira Kanban Mini Crash Course

Discover the efficiency of Kanban in Jira with our focused Mini Crash Course, which is ideal for anyone eager to adopt Kanban quickly. Use real-life examples to set up boards, establish workflows, and track progress.

Jira weekend workshops on a purple background.

Jira Weekend Workshops

Transform your weekends into a powerhouse and learn Jira 10x faster with our Jira Weekend Workshops. Tailored for SMs, Managers, BAs and those aiming to elevate their Jira expertise with interactive, cohort-style sessions and real-life scenarios

Jira Search and Filters like a Pro

Search and Filters in Jira are the most crucial skills to master, period! This course is meticulously crafted to empower you with advanced search techniques and filter utilization in Jira, so elevate your JQL skills Fast!

Jira Search and Filters like a Pro

Our Confluence Crash Course is for everyone to turn you into a Confluence pro FAST. During this course, you will learn about Confluence basics and how to integrate with Jira using dynamic reports and macros.

Jira scrum crash course 2020.

Jira Scrum Video Crash Course

Our best-selling Jira Scrum Crash Course (video) will allow you to master Jira Scrum in less than 90 minutes. We designed it to rapidly equip you with the skills to successfully implement and manage Scrum projects in Jira.

I had the pleasure of attending one of Mike's Jira training session. Mike is an excellent trainer, the session was well formatted and he walked us through the core features and concepts of Jira with real life examples. I found the session to be interactive and informative, and would highly recommend the session.


   Scrum Master

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Hey there, I'm Michael. You could call me an Atlassian aficionado. For over a decade, I've been in the trenches with Jira, helping the big shots – CEOs, Managers, you name it – get the hang of this powerful tool. My thing? Taking the 'complex' out of Jira and making it as clear as your morning coffee. No stress, just smooth sailing.

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