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Take your whole team to the next level and save time on advanced subjects with a clear understanding of everything Atlassian has to offer.

If you need consulting, training or setup, we’ll show you the quickest path to success.

Our methods allow Scrum Masters, Managers and Product Owners to optimise processes and shave months from Jira learning curves.

We eliminate frustrations by showing you how to see through the complexities of Jira and gain clarity on specific issues.

Explaining how to manage multiple projects using built-in functionalities.

You’ll save money by:

  • Eliminating the need for plugins.
  • Condensing months of learning and research into just days.
  • Knowing how to fully optimise your projects.

Meaning our services pay for themselves, and then some!

Our vast knowledge of the software allows for a deep dive into the topics which specifically serve you and your needs.

Far from a textbook, “One size fits all” approach.

Our methods are adapted from years of experience solving problems for big companies such as Vodafone, Lloyds, the BBC and HMRC.

We’ll show you how to fully utilise Jira in real-life scenarios.

Allowing you to understand how to manage your needs with hands-on experience.

We’re all about planning and execution, solving your problems quickly without the need for hours of reading and taking notes.

You tell us your issues and we guarantee we’ll provide the optimal way to handle them using Jira.

We’ll show you how to utilise the software in ways which you didn’t even realise were possible.

Call now on 0203 432 6454 and we will be more than happy to discuss your specific needs.

We have trained teams for companies such as the NHS, Pension Department, Home Office and Code Masters.

Our knowledge of Jira is second to none and we are equipped to solve all of your problems and more.

Call now on 0203 432 6454 and let’s get your project on the right track.

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Michael, an Atlassian SEM, works with business pros like CEOs and Managers. Using his 10+ years of experience, he clarifies Jira's complexities, making things clear and frustration-free.

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