Jira / JSM Consulting

Personalized Jira / JSM Assistance on Your Time, No Schedules Needed.

Say Goodbye to Frustration and Confusion. Receive Personal Jira, JSM or Confluence 1-on-1 Tech Support without Scheduled Calls Needed.

What is Async Consulting?

Essentially, it's a consulting/support call that doesn't occur in real-time, like a Slack, MS Teams or Zoom call.

Instead of holding onto all your questions for a one-hour session, you can send them to me whenever they arise—no matter how many. I'll then respond at a time that works for both of us.

This version maintains the essence of your original message, emphasizing your service's flexibility and continuous access.

A screen showing multiple digital communication applications with emails, video messages, and audio feedback visible on a desktop interface.

What communication methods are available?

I use a clever Clarityflow software that simplifies our communication into a single ongoing conversation.

You'll be able to express your questions using a wide range of multimedia options, including video, text, audio, attachments, embeds, and more. You can also use your mobile.

Once you sign up for a coaching plan, you'll automatically receive an invitation to join our conversation. It's seamless and straightforward!

  • Record videos in minutes

Got questions? You can record them right in the platform or just upload videos from Loom or YouTube. If you want to explain something visually, sharing your screen is a smart way to go.

  • Send voice messages

Some of my clients like to record their questions while they’re out on a walk—it’s easier than typing everything out.

  • Type your questions

Often like most of my clients it's super convenient to just type out a quick question and drop it into the conversation

What topics can we cover during our Async Call?

We can address nearly any question you have about your Jira, JSM, Confluence environment, or related Atlassian products.

Do you need help determining which configurations to apply, or are you struggling to navigate a complex workflow challenge?

There are moments when having an expert to consult would make all the difference. Asynchronous Jira Consulting is your go-to resource for getting unstuck and advancing your projects effectively.

  • Getting help with Jira Workflows, Screens or Fields
  • Adding or tweak existing Jira / JSM automation
  • Setting up Scrum or Kanban Project in the "Right" Way
  • Setting up your JSM portal, request type or Forms
  • Moving Tickets from Team Managed to Project Managed Projects or even other platforms like Asana or Monday
  • And Much more...

happy clients:

Choose Your Asynchronous Plan

Every plan includes unlimited asynchronous coaching. Choose a duration that suits your needs.

I recommend opting for a month or three-month plan for larger projects or ongoing support and consulting. Additionally, you will receive full access to my learning portal (3 months plan only)

If you're looking to tackle a specific Jira, JSM, or Confluence task or have questions, purchasing a week at a time is ideal.

One Week


  • Unlimited help with Jira, JSM or Confluence for one Week
  • 24/7 Access: Submit your queries anytime
  • Flexible Communication: Use text, audio, video or your mobile

One Month


  • Unlimited help with Jira, JSM or Confluence for one Week
  • 24/7 Access: Submit your queries anytime
  • Flexible Communication: Use text, audio, video or your mobile
  • 1x Day Free Trial Included

Three Months


  • Unlimited help with Jira, JSM or Confluence for one Week
  • 24/7 Access: Submit your queries anytime
  • Flexible Communication: Use text, audio, video or your mobile
  • Unlimited access to my Learning Portal
  • 2x Days Free Trail Included

What They Say About our Consulting

Working with Mike was a pleasure. I had known about Jira for a long time but needed help with more advanced topics like customisations and workflows. I bought the Async 3-month package, and all my questions were answered in less than two weeks. I'm a Jira team lead, and I am no longer afraid of Jira

Emilia G.

PM and a Team Lead at Lloyds Bank

I am a PM with a large organisation, so I have been using Jira for a while, but I was curious if my approach was good. I regularly felt that something was missing, especially regarding reports, and I'm so glad that I found Mike's Weekend Workshop because I learned a lot. The 90-minute session over two weeks was a sweet spot for me. Also, Mike is a good teacher. I highly recommend this workshop to everyone like me, whether PM or Scrum Master.

Jerry R.

PM / Manager

Our company has a small team, and I wanted to know if our Jira + Confluence setup was correct. Initially, I booked a whole day with Mike, which we split into four sessions. Mike provided consulting regarding our Jira plus Confluence setup and trained most of our staff. We also spent a lot of time on reports and Dashboards, which brings great clarity to our team. I just booked another full day, so I'm recommending his services.

Chris S.

SM and PM

Before Mike's Weekend Workshop, I thought I knew Jira. I've taken multiple courses, even on Udemy or LinkedIn, but nothing compares to the live interaction and personal guidance Mike provides. He's not just an expert, he's an exceptional teacher who brings humour and energy into learning. This workshop transformed my approach to Jira completely. Highly recommended!

Joanne S.

Scrum Master / PMO

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that I haven't covered message me.

A whole month of help for only £215? Is it a joke?

Well... No, it's not a joke. :) I know it's an excellent price for one month of unlimited Jira / JSM / Confluence consulting, and I know you will like it, too. Formally, it works well as well because I can serve more clients at the same time, and I already have tons of ready videos with tutorials and to-dos, so it's a win-win situation.

Asynchronous coaching allows me to respond to your Jira questions at any convenient time, whether I'm away from my desk or on the go. If I'm taking a break or out for lunch, I can easily respond to your queries from my phone, either by recording a message or typing out a response. When I'm at my computer, I can efficiently address multiple questions—potentially handling inquiries from various clients within just a few minutes.

What’s included, and of course, what is not included?

Async consulting focuses on providing support through text replies, recorded video messages, and audio feedback—ideal for non-real-time assistance. While this method does not include hands-on work, it suits the needs of most of my clients effectively.

If your situation requires direct, hands-on guidance, I recommend booking a one-on-one Teams / Zoom call with me to tackle issues live and in greater detail.

What types of issues can I seek help with?

You can ask for help with anything Jira / JSM / Confluence-related. Do you need help setting up your Workflows, Screens, or Automations? I’ve got your back. Are you confused by permissions? No problem. Need to optimize your reports or dashboards? I’m here for that, too. Just send over your questions whenever they pop up, and I’ll get back to you with the answers you need to keep moving forward

Do consulting plans renew automatically, or are they one-time agreements?

Here's the deal with the pricing: even though it's set up like a subscription to ensure things wrap up smoothly at the end of your term, you're only paying once.

Take the three-month plan, for instance—it's £497. You pay once, get all the consulting you need for three months, and then it wraps up automatically.

There's no fuss about renewals; it's straightforward and hassle-free. But hurry up, as my calendar is getting busy. I can't guarantee that such a price will stay like this forever.

How quickly can I expect a response?

During the weekdays, if you drop me a line within UK business hours, I'll usually get back to you pretty fast—think 15 minutes to a couple of hours. Weekends are more for family time, so I can't promise quick replies then, but I check in now and then.

And if you're tuning in from way across the time zones, like from down under in the US or Australia, just remember I might be snoozzzzzing while you're wide awake! No worries, though—that's the great thing about async consulting.

You get the help you need without scrambling for a super early or late Teams / Zoom call. Just drop your question, and I'll respond when I can—it's all pretty seamless.

What are the benefits of choosing a monthly plan?

Opting for a monthly plan is kind of like getting a VIP pass—you get ongoing support, more bang for your buck, and you don't have to worry about renewing all the time. It's perfect if you dive deep into Jira /JSM / Confluence and need consistent backup. Plus, it's more economical in the long run. You set it, forget it, and just focus on getting your Jira setup to shine

What happens after my coaching plan ends?

Pretty simple: you keep all the chats and advice we’ve covered—even after the plan ends, so you can go back and review anytime. Want to keep the conversation going? Just pick up another plan when you’re ready. While I can’t promise the records will stay up forever, they won’t vanish right away, either

Which is better? Async consulting or a live call?

Well, yeah, it's a good one! So, it really depends on what you're after. If you prefer flexibility and don't want to stick to a schedule, async consulting is your best bet.

You can send over questions whenever they pop up, and I'll get back to you with answers. If you're looking for a deep dive into an issue and might benefit from real-time feedback, a live call might be the way to go. Both have their perks, so it's all about what best fits your style and needs.

Can we have a conversation over Async Consulting?

Totally! It's all about keeping the conversation going at a pace that suits you. Also, the software allows you to do it. It's like a chat but not live.

You can post your questions, updates, or whatever's on your mind on the platform, and I'll respond with answers and advice.

It's laid-back and continuous, and you don't have to worry about syncing up times. Just fire off your thoughts whenever inspiration strikes or issues arise, and I'll be there with the support you need.

Do I need a camera or microphone?

Nope, it's not necessary! Because 98% of my responses are without a camera, just a mic and screen share. But hey, if you want to explain something that might need a bit of visual aid, using Loom is a solid choice. Our software has built-in video plus screen capture, but the Loom is easier to handle. So, while a cam and mic aren't must-haves, they could help when you want to get a bit more detailed