Jira Training and 1 on 1 Consulting

Are you…

  • Finding Jira complicated?
  • Seeking the right strategies?
  • Watching videos and lessons but struggling to implement what you see?
  • Unsure about resolutions?
  • Finding yourself stuck using single workflows?
  • Not producing the results you desire?
  • In need of a quick and exciting hands-on way to learn?

If you are looking for 100% tailor-made Jira training or consulting, just hit the call booking button below. For the last 10 I've been working as the Jira admin for small and medium organisations that included BBC, Vodafone, HMRC or Lloyds Bank. 

Our processes will cut your learning curve from months to hours.

Whether it's utilising internal reporting tools such as Dashboards and Filters or integrating Jira and raising tickets with Confluence, Comments or Dynamic reports, you will be able to implement your new-found knowledge right away.

You'll get comfortable with Jira through hands-on experience, being able to perform the most critical tasks regarding workflows.

You'll know how to add new workflows within 3 clicks and how to convert an existing workflow into a sophisticated solution while avoiding rookie mistakes.

You'll understand the difference between Validators and Conditions and know how to create a private project in less than 10 minutes.