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Jira looks like a relatively simple project management tool. However, it is not! People often say that all roads lead to Rome, but we believe this is not true for Jira.

Have you ever been stuck with a relatively simple problem in Jira? For example, let’s say, do you know how to optimize your workflow so that it will fit into all requirements or how to see the backlog for activities for the whole project?

You have been looking for the correct answer on YouTube or Atlassian forums, but lack of luck? You may even think that Jira is a useless tool that cannot do anything, and it is high time you changed the software.

Does it sound like you? Well, that sounds familiar to me as I was using the same sentences a few years ago, and I was sure that Jira is just a counterproductive, nonsensical and feckless program. So I should upgrade myself to a better solution.

Sounds familiar?

After All, Managing Projects Do Not Have To Be a Constant War Zone! I have Your Answers. I will show you how…

– Setup your Scrum Project by my proven method
– How to Plan and organise Sprints in the right way
– Will show you what to focus on and don’t waste time
– I will explain to you how to get up to speed with Simplified workflows in less than 15 min
– How to Start with Custom Filter using JQL language in minutes, even when you never wrote a single line of code
– I will give you a collection of copy / Paste filter reports
– All  Based on Real-Life Scrum Project Setup
– I will also show you how to Create and Share Dashboards

Course Outline:


About the teacher

Michael, an Atlassian SEM, works with business pros like CEOs and Managers. Using his 10+ years of experience, he clarifies Jira's complexities, making things clear and frustration-free.

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