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Discover Quick And Relaxed Ways To Learn Jira Scrum in less than 2 Weeks

 Jira Rapid Fire Workshop Dedicated To Scrum Masters, Managers and PMO's

Are you Scrum Master, Manager or Business Analyst and You want to Master Jira Fast but you don't know how to start?

  • Join me for a comprehensive two-weekend workshop on Jira for Scrum Masters, PMOs, and Business Analysts. I designed this Workshop to help you master Jira, the No 1 Agile project management tool.

  • Through a series of hands-on exercises, real-world examples, and expert guidance, you will learn how to configure Jira to meet the needs of your Agile team. You'll explore how to use Jira for sprint planning, backlog grooming, task tracking, and reporting.

  • You'll also learn how to customize workflows, create custom fields, and set up advanced Jira features.This Workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to take their Jira skills to the next level.

  • Whether you're a Scrum Master looking to optimize your team's Agile process, a PMO looking to standardize project management across your organization, or a Business Analyst looking to streamline your requirements-gathering process, this Workshop is for you.

  • By the end of the two weekends, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to use Jira like a pro and the skills to take your Agile team to the next level. So don't miss this opportunity to become a Jira expert!

How will the workshop work?

Step 1

I’ll spend the first little bit of each session giving you exactly what you need to know to begin the implementation of our goals together. After the lecture portion, we’ll set aside time together on the call to actually work on the stuff we’ve talked about. This way, we overcome procrastination and ensure we actually get this stuff done.

Step 2

After each work session, I’ll personally review your completed work and give you the feedback and guidance only I can give. Additionally, we’ll set aside time for you to get on the call and answer your questions related to what we’re trying to accomplish together. 

Step 3

There will be nearly 10 to 14+ hours of recordings available to you once we complete our weekend together. These will be invaluable as you can take them and review them any time you want to refresh your knowledge or create and configure your Jira Scrum project like a pro FAST

Workshop Bonuses

We also offer few great bonuses like prove community access and workshops

Community access - You will get access to a closed group so you can talk to other people and have access to live calls

Cheat Sheets and PDFs with my latest tutorials

2x a a month Jira live calls

Jira Rapid Fire Workshop

I recently attended Michael's Jira Rapid Fire Workshop, which was a game-changer for me as a Junior Jira Administrator. The workshop's in-depth knowledge and hands-on exercises allowed me to grasp Jira's potential and learn so much new stuff. As a result, I've become more confident and efficient in managing our projects and teams. I highly recommend this workshop to any Jira Administrator looking to level up their skills and get the most out of Jira Cloud.

SarahJira Admin

Must attend comprehensive Jira training session!

I had the pleasure of attending one of Mike's Jira training session. Mike is an excellent trainer, the session was well formatted and he walked us through the core features and concepts of Jira with real life examples. I found the session to be interactive and informative, and would highly recommend the session.

AminatScrum Master

Great Workshop! Thank you Michael.

I recently attended the Jira Workshop and it was a fantastic experience. The workshop was very well organized and the instructors were extremely knowledgeable. I learned a lot about Jira and how to use it effectively. The workshop was also a great networking opportunity. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more about Jira or scrum in general.

MarkBusiness Analyst

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Hi, I'm Michael.

I started using Jira when it was taking its baby steps while working for BBC. I love programming and project management, and Jira helped me do both more efficiently.

As I realized Jira's power as a tool, I spent years becoming an expert.

Using Atlassian products to run my own business and lecturing big corporations on how to use Atlassian products, I founded Project Flow UK to teach others how to use JiraConfluence, and Service Manage more effectively.

I love working with Atlassian products since they have a beyond-belief reach, fantastic configuration options, a straightforward interface, and top-level customer service.

I hope you watched some of my videos on my YouTube channel, which I've been running since 2016. I love showing people how to maximize their knowledge of Atlassian software.


If you don't like my Workshop, you can get a full refund only after the first day. Just message me, and I will try to sort it out. If not possible I will give you your money back. No, refund after day 2 :) 

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