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5-parts FREE Jira training which reveals tips and tricks that will change your work - from fighting fires to a pleasant drink of coffee :)

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"IT IS WORTH REGISTERING, because - when other Jira Adminis and Scrum Masters extinguish fires, you will calmly watch the development of the project for which you are responsible

Hi, it's Michael Kittay-Jurdyga.

As Garry Kasparov said: If you don't take risks, you don't drink champagne.

Statistically, 95% of people in our industry dream more about the current project ending, than about celebrating its success.

Besides, competition is not sleeping; the market is constantly changing, customers, both internal and external, are becoming more and more demanding. It's easy to make a mistake.

I help Administrators and Scrum Masters working on projects at JIRA to avoid what makes work instead of being an exciting challenge ... it becomes a nightmare.

It doesn't have to be this way ...

I'm sure you have noticed that in recent events up to 2-3x more projects will take place remotely, and thus the demand for people like you or me will increase.

We are witnessing the closing of age ... the age of Excel domination ...

You can catch this trend and move forward with me, or ... you may be one of those who will say "I was thinking about it" in a few years.

There are ways to make projects run smoothly and without fires. What's more, some of these ways ...

I will show it to you on my free 5-part training.

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