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Jira Rapid Fire Implementation Workshop

Live Workshop Dedicated to Scrum Masters, BA's or Project Managers

Workshop Starts at January 29.01 - 9:30AM

Do you want to Master Jira (Scrum / Kanban) Fast but don't know how to start?

Use my proven method and Set your Jira Cloud Scrum Project in less than 2 Days instead of weeks or even months. 

Live training with feedback

I’ll spend the first little bit of each session giving you exactly what you need to know to begin the implementation of our goals together. After the lecture portion, we’ll set aside time together on the call to actually work on the stuff we’ve talked about. This way, we overcome procrastination and ensure we actually get this stuff done.

Feedback & Q&A

After each work session, I’ll personally review your completed work and give you the feedback and guidance only I can give. Additionally, we’ll set aside time for you to get on the call and answer your questions related to what we’re trying to accomplish together. 

Life time Access to Recordings

There will be nearly 4 to 8+ hours of recordings available to you once we complete our weekend together. These will be invaluable as you can take them and review them any time you want to refresh your knowledge or create and configure your Jira Scrum project like a pro FAST

This is gonna be fun.

So, here’s what we’ll do together during our weekend work-a-long.


Step 1: Work Preparation

I’m going to personally work with you to optimise or create from scratch a Scrum Project based on a real-life example. I will show you how to configure the workflow, add custom filters, swimlanes, and set a few custom fields (if required), epics, and story points. I will also give you my tips and provide you with the best practice for project Configuration so that you can avoid silly mistakes


Step 2: Feedback and optimisation

We’ll check your project and make sure all is set in the best way plus, you have clarity and confidence on more advanced subjects so we can move to the Scrum / Kanban board configuration, including Quick Filters Swimlanes and Cards. Also, I will make sure you understand how to add workflows steps quickly or how to work with Epics.


Step 3 (most important): Search and Filters

We’ll use the feedback you receive from the validation process, and we will focus on one of the essential elements: Search and Filters (including jQL), plus how to convert them into Dashboards. I will show why you don’t need to focus too much on build-in reports and why search functionality, including jQL is the most critical part of Jira. I will also give you access to all my real-life jQL examples and show you how to convert them into Filters and Dashboards. Plus, we will talk briefly about moving the filter results to Confluence.


Lastly : Boards, Users and Automation

I will check your progress and give you full feedback regarding a Jira / Confluence project setup. Next, we will focus on more advanced subjects, such as managing multiple projects by a single Scrum / Kanban Board and utilising automation plus bulk changes (the hidden gem!)

If we have enough time, I would like to show you a bit about users, groups and roles in Jira, plus I can show you how to control users permission with confidence.

After All , Managing Projects Do Not Have To Be a Constant War Zone! I have Your Answers. I will show you how...

Would you like a hassle-free way to stay connected to the frontline, manage your projects and access everything you need within a couple of clicks?

Whether it’s detailed reports, workflow configuration or staff training, I know what works.

I will set up, and help you to implement, everything needed to streamline your specific processes.

Providing ongoing aftercare by granting you free access to my online training programme.

Meaning you can keep staff up-to-speed and train new starters within a couple of days instead of weeks.

I often see teams using Excel and Google Docs to manage projects, which is a costly mistake.

It’s time consuming, awkward, impossible to scale and can’t be optimised.

Even answering customer emails can accumulate to £1000’s in unnecessary loses.

I offer clarity, speed and results with a completely clean switch.

So you know exactly what is happening at all times whilst being free to work on your business.

My methods come from years of experience solving problems for big companies such as Vodafone, Lloyds, the BBC and HMRC.

Start Now

Learn Jira and Confluence over the weekend

Say Good Bye to Boring and Outdated Learning Methods
You work on projects that seem well-organized, have competent people, but for some reason or other; you just try to solve the problems, all the project is crumbling away. Murphy’s Law says, “If anything bad can happen, it will.”

It turns out that you have to act swift every single time, and there is huge chaos in projects, your supervisors know no bounds in giving you loads of work. You probably do not have the support of a community of experts consisting of fellow project managers.

You feel like you do not develop your key strengths on a regular basis and the worst part is that your knowledge becomes outdated and it takes more time for you to resolve the situation and you can end up losing your project or even your job.

Here’s what people are saying about the Workshop

Chris S

Team Lead

From zero to Jira Hero in less than 2 days?

I'm very pleased with the Jira Workshop. I have a small development team and we never had a formal training or any other overhead costs that come along with that. The workshop was both helpful and informative, and I would recommend it to anyone who is just starting out in the field of Jira.


Scrum Master

Very good Workshop

I would like to thank the team for such a great Jira Weekend Workshop. As a relatively new developer, I appreciated the opportunity to have so much guidance and support from senior developers who have been in this field for a long time. The topics were interesting and challenging, and I feel that I have gained so much knowledge from attending this workshop.


Business Analyst

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I attended the Jira Weekend Workshop and I'm very glad that I did. Michael were very knowledgeable and presented material clearly. It was a really informative workshop without being too complicated.

Please follow me on:

Hi, I'm Michael.

I started using Jira when it was taking its baby steps while working for BBC. I love both programming and project management. Jira helped me significantly do both of them more efficiently.

As I realised how powerful Jira was as a tool, I spent years becoming an expert.

Using Atlassian products to run my own business and lecturing big corporations on how to use Atlassian products, I founded Agile Training UK to teach others how to use Jira, Confluence and Service Desk more effectively.

I love working with the Atlassian products since they have a beyond-belief reach, fantastic configuration options, a straightforward interface and top-level customer service.

I also love showing people how to maximise their knowledge about Atlassian software.

For these reasons, I started Project Flow UK. I firmly believe that my skills and enthusiasm can assist you in making the most out of the Atlassian products.

Jira Rapid Fire Implementation Workshop

 One Payment
  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Money back guarantee
  • Bonuses



First-come, First-serve enrolment

Next Workshop Starts at: Saturday, January 15'th 9:30AM

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You missed out!

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I trust the value of my knowledge, and what is in my course, that is why I give every participant a 14-day money-back guarantee.

If you buy my course and it does not include what I promise, let me know! Either I will prepare it, or I will pay you back.

Imagine that you do not risk anything and you can gain so much. I have one last question before you make your final decision:

Why is “now” the best time to invest in yourself?

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