Jira Scrum Express Webinar

Master Jira Scrum Essentials in less than 60 Minutes: From Project Setup to Sprint Success

Learn Jira Scrum Quickly and Efficiently: Dive into Our Jira Scrum Express Webinar and Master Jira Cloud Setup, Sprint Planning, and Utilizing Simplified Versions and Components in Just Under 50 Minutes!


  • Jira hierarchy & project organization for effective project management. Plus, get a free Jira account in minutes to apply your new skills right away!
  • You will Learn how to set up a Scrum Project like a pro! I'll cover key aspects like Sprint planning and board configuration
  • I will also show you How to use Set Simplified Workflows in minutes, and I will show you how to complete your sprints in the best way.

Michael KJ

Certified Atlassian SME with 12+ years of experience

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Michael is a certified Atlassian SME with more than a decade of experience. Mainly he works with Business Analysts, Scrum Masters, CEOs, PMOS, or Managers. He eliminates frustrations by showing how to see through the complexities of Jira (Confluence or Service Desk) and gain clarity on specific issues.

Michael is a well-known Youtuber. His YouTube channel has close to 4.000 subscribers, and he has worked for companies like NHSBBCVodafoneHMRC, and Lloyd's Bank.

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