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This is not an A to Z training but a collection of case studies and more advanced subjects, including Screens and Post Function setup, Script Runner and JSU config. This course is for more advanced Jira users.

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Jira Knowledge Base and Case Studies

Before we are going to use Validator, Condition and Post functions let me example the differences with a few examples as this subject is very important to understand. 

Validators or Conditions?

In this lesson, I will explain to you what is the difference between Validator and Condition. Next, I will show you few Real-Life examples

Validators Setup

Now let's do a few interesting examples with Screens. I will show you how to request a field from a screen


Now you know how to use Validators so let's move on to Conditions. I will show you how to set Due Date and a few more real-life examples of Condition usage. 

Post Functions

Post functions are very powerful and can add a lot of automation to our workflow. I will show you a few examples including resolution and issue update field

Workflow Import Export

In this short lesson, I will show you how to move workflows between Jira instances or how to use the same Workflow in another project. 

Screens in Jira

This module is all about screens in Jira. I will show you how to set Create, View and Edit edit screen super fast. Next, I will show you how to add Screen on Workflow status. 

Understand Screens in Jira

A very important lesson. Please stop and watch it before you jump to the next chapter. I will explain to you how to use screens and why it's so important to set Create, View and Edit screen for your project. 

Create, View and Edit Screen example

Now, let's have a real-life example based on my demo project which is very close to my production environment. I will show you how to quickly set View and Edit Screen. 

Screens on the Workflow

So now let's set a screen on a workflow transition. I will use built it screen and next I will show you how to do it from scratch. 

Notifications in Jira

This module is dedicated to notifications in Jira. WIll show you how to change the default scheme and what is the fastest way to optimise your notification scheme 

How to set Notification

Let's now focus on notifications in Jira 

Custom Fields like a PRO

In this module I will show you how to configure your custom fields plus how to avoid very common mistakes 

How to add a custom field

Let's focus on Custom fields now which is one of the most powerful option next to workflows


About the teacher


Michael Kittay-Jurdyga is the Founder of Project Flow UK and the CEO of DevOps IT Ltd. Michael is very passionate regarding all Atlassian products that Include Jira, Confluence or Service Desk.

The methods he teaches come from years of experience solving problems for big companies such as Vodafone, Lloyds, the BBC and HMRC.

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