Jira Training for Scrum Masters, BA's and Managers

3x Part Mini Training - How to start with Jira Cloud Fast 

What you’ll discover in this video:

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Lesson 1: Jira Cloud free version

In This short Video I will show you how to get the free version of Jira and why you don't need to worry about pro version. I will also explain to you about the Jira interface and next you will be abler to create your first Scrum Project


Lesson 2: Search and filters

Search, and filters are one the essential Jira functionality, and I will show you how to use Global search next; I will show you how to use basic and more advanced JQL queries so you can start utilising filters in Jira Super Fast


Lesson 3: agile board optimisation

Scrum or Kanban board optimisation is an absolute must-have after each project creation. I will show you how to utilise quick filters and swimlanes and optimise simplified workflows by adding a few essential workflow statuses. All those steps can be done in less than 15 min, including card colours. But please watch the Filters and tutorials lessons first


Bonus: jql + search cheat sheat

By the end of this mini-series, I have a special bonus for you, my best and most helpful JQL filters query, so you can almost copy-paste to your Jira and, with no time waste, set essential reports and Dashboards. That includes sprint reporters and the latest project updates (sorted by create date)

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