Master Jira Scrum Essentials in Just 90 Minutes: From Project Setup to Sprint Success

1 of April 2023

9:30 AM UK Time


You missed out!

Join me for 90 min, and I'll help you with...

  • Jira Cloud Setup - I will show you how to set your Jira correctly and get your own Jira Cloud instance for free quickly.
  • Understanding Jira Hierarchy and project structure plus we will create and configure your Scrum project in minutes
  • Then, we will focus on the Scrum project setup, and I will show you how to utilize Jira's out-of-the-box setup. I will also show you how to optimize your Scrum Board, including Workflows, Quick filters, and Swimlanes

I have successfully provided the same training to several of my previous clients.

Cool, but why Workshop?

I've been teaching people Jira for over a decade, and this form of learning is the fastest and most effective way to master Jira, especially compared to static courses, which still work fine. Plus, I will provide you with recordings when the workshop is over. All examples and exercises during the workshop are based on real-life scenarios. Additionally, I will show you how to utilize the Jira setup out of the box.

And that's not all; several other vital advantages enhance the learning experience, enabling you to master Jira's functionalities more quickly and efficiently.

  • Interactive Learning
  • Collaborative Environment
  • Real-life Scenarios
  • Expert Guidance
  • Immediate Feedback

Workshop Sneak Peek

Given Jira's extensive nature, I know that my workshop is brief. While I'll be honest that it won't turn you into a Jira pro overnight, it's specifically tailored for Scrum Masters, Managers, BAs, and PMOs who have some Jira experience or have been using it for some time.


My primary goal is to give you a solid head start so that after this workshop, you can confidently set up your Scrum project, initiate and complete sprints, and even configure the Scrum board.

Once you're adept at doing this for Scrum, you'll also be able to apply most of these steps to set up your Kanban project.

Introduction to Jira and its Core Features

I will show you the Jira structure and hierarchy, and next, I will show you how to get your Jira cloud-free version. Next, I will walk you through the main interface and show you how to correctly create a Jira Scrum project.

Sprint in Jira Scrum - planning and finishing

Planning sprints in Jira is a straightforward process; however, I will show you how to do it correctly. I will also show you how to add Story Points and where to switch to time tracking. By the end of this module, I will show you how to finish the sprint and what to do with unresolved issues.

Scrum Board Setup

This module could be one of the most critical parts of this training, often neglected by Managers or Scrum Masters; setting up your Scrum Board in the wrong way often causes a lot of frustration. Therefore, I want to spend as much time as possible on this subject, from Quick Simplified Workflwos to Filters, Card Layouts, Card colors, and Swim lanes.


The last part of this training is about reports which are not the best, but you definitely can use a few of them. I will show you how to utilize existing reports and what to focus on plus, you will be invited to the next step if you are considering expanding your Jira knowledge to a pro level.

What if you don't like the Workshop? Cool, we can still be friends; just let me know what didn't work for you as feedback, and I will try to offer you something else, but if that is not possible, I will give you your money back.

Here’s What People Are Saying About The Last Event

The 90-minute format was perfect

I recently attended the 'Jira Rapid Fire Implementation Workshop', and I must say, it exceeded my expectations! As a Scrum Master, I've been looking for a way to fully understand Jira Scrum and enhance my skills. The 90-minute format was perfect, as it delivered all the essential information without being overwhelming. The hands-on exercises allowed me to apply what I learned immediately. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to level up their Jira Scrum expertise!"

Jane S.
Scrum Master

The live training was a great experience

The 'Jira Rapid Fire Implementation Workshop' was very insightful! As a Business Analyst, I found the live training format to be the perfect balance of content and time. Michael was engaging and offered valuable tips and tricks for configuring Scrum projects in Jira. The hands-on exercises allowed me to practice my newly-acquired skills, giving me the confidence to use Jira Scrum more effectively in my daily work. I can't recommend this workshop enough!

Sarah M
Business Analyst

Dates & Details

Workshop date and time:

01 of april 2023

9:30 UK Time

I'm hosting this live on Zoom so you can ask me lots of questions & connect with other Jira Rapid Fire Workshop hosts. :)

Can't swing the live session? All good. Lifetime replay access is included with your ticket.

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