Discover How Scrum Masters, BAs, or Managers Can Learn Jira Fast... Without hours spent on outdated and boring tutorials

Jira Training for Scrum Masters, Managers or Business Analysts

Do you want to Master Jira Scrum Fast but don't know how to start?

Jira looks like a relatively simple project management tool. However, it is not! People often say that all roads lead to Rome, but we believe this is not true for Jira.

Have you ever been stuck with a relatively simple problem in Jira? For example, let’s say, do you know how to optimize your workflow so that it will fit into all requirements or how to see the backlog for activities for the whole project?

You have been looking for the correct answer on YouTube or Atlassian forums, but lack of luck? You may even think that Jira is a useless tool that cannot do anything, and it is high time you changed the software.

Does it sound like you? Well, that sounds familiar to me as I was using the same sentences a few years ago, and I was sure that Jira is just a counterproductive, nonsensical and feckless program. So I should upgrade myself to a better solution.

Sounds familiar? If...

  • You've been looking at outdated YouTube tutorials...
  • You don't know how to Start or finding it's Difficult
  • You've been trying Setup Jira yourself but don't know what to do next?
  • Finding Jira Overwhelmed and complicated?
  • Don't know how to use Custom Reports and Dashboards?    
  • The Documentation is bit dry and lack of Real-Life Example?

After All , Managing Projects Do Not Have To Be a Constant War Zone! I have Your Answers. I will show you how...

  • Setup your Scrum Project by my proven method
  • How to Plan and organise Sprints in the right way
  • Will show you what to focus on and don't waste time
  • I will explain you how to get up to speed with Simplified workflows in less than 15 min
  • How to Start with Custom Filter using JQL language in minutes, even when you never wrote a single line of code
  • I will give you collection of copy / Paste filter reports
  • All  Based on Real-Life Scrum Project Setup
  • I will also show you how to Create and Share Dashboards

How To start with Jira Scrum FAST!

Hi, I'm Michael.

I started using Jira when it was taking its baby steps while working for BBC. I love both programming and project management. Jira helped me significantly do both of them more efficiently.

As I realised how powerful Jira was as a tool, I spent years becoming an expert.

Using Atlassian products to run my own business and lecturing big corporations on how to use Atlassian products, I founded Agile Training UK to teach others how to use JiraConfluence and Service Desk more effectively.

I love working with the Atlassian products since they have a beyond-belief reach, fantastic configuration options, a straightforward interface and top-level customer service.

I also love showing people how to maximise their knowledge about Atlassian software.

For these reasons, I started Project Flow UK. I firmly believe that my skills and enthusiasm can assist you in making the most out of the Atlassian products.

Happy Clients

Course Lessons

Just few lessons examples

By the end of this training, you will be able to configure Scrum Project, set custom filters and Dashboards in less than 2 hours.

This lesson will show you how to get your very own Jira instance for free in minutes. I will also explain the catch regarding the Jira Cloud free version and when you need to update it.

In this lesson, I will show you how to create a new Jira project (none Agile) plus I will explain to you about so-called issue view. Also next I will create few new tickets (issues)

Now you know how to create a new project also I hope you understand how to work with people, issues and you already created a few sample tickets. Now let's focus on the Scrum project when I will show you how to start your first sprint, change workflow, optimise your board and how to use Story Points. 

Don't skip this lesson as the search functionality is very powerful in Jira plus you will be using it more often than you think. I will also show you how to create a filter and later how to convert it into Dashboard Gadgets. 

Thanks a lot for taking this course. I hope to see you again plus I want to know if you like it or what you will change so please leave the comment below. 

100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

I trust the value of my knowledge, and what is in my course, that is why I give every participant a 90-day money-back guarantee.

If you buy my course and it does not include what I promise, let me know! Either I will prepare it, or I will pay you back.

Imagine that you do not risk anything and you can gain so much. I have one last question before you make your final decision:

Why is “now” the best time to invest in yourself?