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Lesson 1 Module 1

This Training Course is dedicated to Confluence Cloud but all subjects will work in Confluence Server which is the Self-hosted version. I will cover basic and more advanced subjects all based on Real- Life examples. Also if you never used confluence before tat's not a problem. This course is designed to follow my instructions so you can implement them on the fly. Also by the end of the training, you will be able to create space, page, use macros and even connect your Confluence to Jira (bonus section). During the training I will show you:

  • How to Start with Confluence Free Hosting
  • What is space and Interface overview
  • How to create pages including meeting notes, blog and decisions
  • Macros and Comments 
  • Permissions in Confluence
  • Adding new users and groups 
  • How to create Blueprints 
  • Bonus Sections - Jira connection 

What is Confluence?

Confluence is a simple words is a documentation portal so you can store and manage all type of documents. So why it's better than Google Drive of Word? Because you can share your documents, stor it in the cloud plus the version control works amazing well in Confluence. 

Just one important information. Confluence at the moment can't work as Google Sheet or MS Excel. 


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