Confluence Training

How can Confluence Training Help your Team?

Confluence is designed to provide teams with a shared platform for creating, organising and discussing projects. This form of ‘collaboration software’ has been developed by Australian Company Atlassian and is ideal if you have a team of people working on one project.

Confluence software supports the exchange of information and multimedia files with an identified group. The project requirements, ideas, work in progress and feedback can all be contained in one dedicated area.

In large corporations with multiple departments, global partnerships or companies with flexible working arrangements, Confluence provides a viable means of working collaboratively with remote teams.

How can Confluence be Used?

  • Confluence is typically viewed as a project management tool. It helps multi-disciplinary teams and external parties to work on the project, identify issues and monitor progress without the need for regular meetings.
  • Confluence is widely used as an internal company portal, where it is a central point for information exchange.
  • Confluence has also been used as a Public Information portal, where documents are shared and feedback is received.

What are the Benefits of Confluence?

  • The basic software is affordable, easy to set up and straightforward to use.
  • Confluence can be integrated with other standard software to create a more bespoke tool that best serves your specific requirements.
  • It reduces the costs and time scales of project development, which improves productivity.

How can I find out More About Confluence?

We provide Confluence training that is tailored to your needs. From an introductory session for beginners to tailored session for more experienced users, we will ensure that you get the most from this tool.

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